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Selected work: Motion Graphics, 3D, Animation and Graphic Design

Logo animation

motion graphics

Short logo animation for MLB Agency, where I worked on during my internship at Boardwalk Studio (UK). Responsible for colour correction and background creation.

Watch the logo animation.

Tulisa commercial

post-production & motion design

Creation of the commercial for Tulisa’s (British artist) new single release during my internship at Boardwalk Studio (UK). Video cut, colour correction, font animation.

Watch the commercial for Tulisa.

promo video Atomi Advertising Ltd

post-production & motion design

Creation of the promotional video for Atomi Advertising Ltd. (www.atomi.com) by using video footage in combination with motion graphics.

Watch Atomi’s promo video.

logo animation

motion graphics

Client: TAMK (FI)

Creation of the promotional video for the University of Applied Sciences in Tampere. Visualisation of several study programmes through motion graphics.

Video won the 2nd price in the competition of TAMK.

Check out the video at my vimeo.

3ds max model

3D modelling

A montage of elements including typography in 3ds max for a short motion graphics piece.
Stylised, contemporary and visually engaging.

University task.

Watch the animated 3D model.

Cinema4D model

3D modelling

Interior Design, created in Cinema4D.

retro logo

illustration & motion design

Illustrations in retro style.

Some excerpts of the design for the creation of an infographic about the Bechdel test.
Watch the video.

Visual Design Movie

graphic design & motion graphics

Visual Design for the movie “In This House”.

Logo, DVD label, cover and menu.
Furthermore I created the title animation as well as the end credits for the movie..

be bold

graphic design

Sometimes you gotta be bold – one out of several experiments with colors, fonts, textures etc..

typography poster

graphic design

Visualizing a quote by simply using words, shapes and colors..

door signs

graphic design

Client: AD-agency Mainio Oy (FI)

Creating colorful and stylish new door signs for the office.

business card design

graphic design

Client: Widmer Trading Company (US)

Creation of the companies business cards along with their website.

graphic design

logo design

Logo competition

My submission for a logo competition with was initiated by an association of private entrepreneurs in Tampere.

card illustration


Illustration of christmas cards. Different styles and formats in German and Finish.