sabrina seidl

sabrina seidl // visual design // motion graphics



bouldering // challenges // minimalistic design // traveling  // good atmosphere at work // being active // mind-blowing videos // sparkling water // smiling people // creative freedom // sunshine // motivated companions // clean and organised spaces and working files // trying out new things // chocolate // warm summer evenings // cakes and pastry // climbing // yellow flowers // the smell of fresh laundry // burying my toes in sand // friends time // constructive feedback // laying in the grass



chaos // loud and annoying noises // smoky spaces // overloaded layouts // ignorant people on their phones // smelly toes // people blocking the exit of the metro // inefficiency // itchy clothes // unpunctuality // people constantly changing their mind // grumpy companions // not working equipment // illogical UI’s



UI design // icon design // illustration // graphic design // motion graphics  // video production


sabrina seidl

Hi, I am Sabrina, an experienced Visual Designer, mostly working on UI and UX design, both for web and mobile platforms.

My skills range from creating UX concepts and building prototypes to delivering pixel perfect designs and UI guidelines for implementation. My strongest point however is to communicate design ideas in a simple yet creative way and deliver eye-catching visuals.

I am also highly passion about creating motion graphics.